January 23: Technical Specs & Research

Identify and decide on the technical specifications the machine should abide by. What is reasonable for us to achieve? Decide on a real group name. Some options: Drill Millers, Miller Drillers, Drill Bits, Machining Jackets.
Current Status:
Meeting planned to discuss specifications. Once we identify those, we can start putting together a parts lists, preparing the proposal, and looking at design, searching for code, etc.
Task Status:
Write technical review of assigned component [Complete]
Start looking at technical specs [Ongoing]
Find and save useful links/information [Ongoing]
Planned Tasks:
Define the technical specs and our goals. Search around and note reasonable specs our project can have.
Come up with several options in hand for every facet of the machine:
- What software exists to control motors
- How to interface to the hardware
- What software is available to convert gerber files
Look for a block diagram (or make your own) and think through those steps:
- What are the blocks that are still a mystery?
- What do you foresee as a problem?

January 16: Technical Reviews

Met and assigned each member a component of PCB milling machines to research and review in a technical report.

Norbert - Spindle machinery
Jack - Breakout board/Controller
Casey - Stepper motor drivers
Anya - Stepper motors

Report Due Date: January 23, 2013

January 9: Form Teams

Our team was formed. Our project will be to design and build a CNC PCB milling machine.

January 7: Review Candidate Projects

Read and learn about the available candidate senior design projects. Select those of interest and start thinking about forming groups.